The Balcony

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“The Balcony” @ Tom Sheridans

Tom Sheridans Promo Shoot. 7/5/2013. © Jonathan / Curran Photography

The balcony has bright, fresh, natural light combined with high ceilings and comfortable “posture friendly” leather seating to encourage interaction and engagement.

• Multi Media: Large drop down projector & screen with built in surround sound audio system
• U-shape / boardroom / theatre seating styles available
• Impeccable food service & quality on hand
• Available for creative workshops or Inspirational lunches
• Capacity up to 20-40pax
• Advance bookings required.

This space is currently used for:

“Launch pad” for team building events -Corporate hospitality and entertainment.

Informal meetings, company gatherings, committee meetings, Project meetings.
Workshops, offsite “think tanks”, retirement lunches & dinners, A welcome to integrate new team members or say good bye to departing ones. Ask about our creative lunches with key note speakers and special guests.


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[title size=”2″]What People Say[/title]

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[title size=”3″]Fun Team Activities[/title]


We will devise a programme to suit any age ability motivation, balancing the group dynamic with your requirements and budget. Just ask!


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[title size=”3″]Building Effective Teams[/title]

boxing in suits TEAM BUILDING-001

Interactive solutions: We have an expert team that will design and deliver a memorable experience for your group.

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To learn more about our offerings have John call you back….. Simply fill out the quick form and John will be in touch shortly

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