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[title size=”2″] Let our team create a memorable event for you  [/title]

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Let us design an exciting, fun, action packed event for your company….DAY or NIGHT…INSIDE or OUTSIDE…LAND OR OCEAN.

Events are bespoke and tailored to your requirements regardless of group size. Rates from €40.00pp

We will devise a programme to suit any age ability motivation, balancing the group dynamic with your requirements. Just ask!

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[title size=”2″]What People Say[/title]

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mission impossible Logo

Mission impossible Galway

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galway coat of arms

The High Kings of Galway

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kayak clip from video

Tribes and Tribulations (Surviour Galway Style)

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currach raceTo The waters and The Wild

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[title size=”3″]The ‘Balcony[/title]

Tom Sheridans Promo Shoot. 7/5/2013. © Jonathan / Curran Photography

The ‘Balcony’ at Tom Sheridan’s provides the perfect secluded space with natural light, high ceilings and posture friendly leather seating.


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[title size=”3″]Building Effective Teams[/title]

boxing in suits TEAM BUILDING-001

Interactive solutions: We have an expert team that will design and deliver a memorable experience for your group.

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[title size=”2″]Want A Callback?[/title]

To learn more about our offerings have John call you back….. Simply fill out the quick form and John will be in touch shortly

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