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Galway Bay Seafoods

Galway Bay Seafood’s was founded in the 1950’s

Galway Bay Seafood’s was founded in the 1950’s by John Holland and it has grown with the city over the preceding years and is today still in the safe hands of Johnny’s family. The Holland family know fish, and from their father they have been immersed in a love and passion for fresh top quality fish. Of course there wasn’t the science there is today, and in those early days, a fishmonger with a college degree was like a duck out of water. A fish man knows his fish; he buys and sells it every day. College was for doctors and lawyers. In those days there reputation was everything and today that reputation rings through in the top quality fish that they source from boats landing throughout Galway’s docks. We are delighted to be able to have such a great source of fresh fish that is such a pivotal player in Galway.